Top 10 Christmas Books

The other day we decided to ask our staff members and families what their favourite Christmas books were. We were surprised when most of them couldn’t think of any. We then asked them what their favourite Christmas film was, and as expected, answers came in abundance. What they didn’t know, however, is that many of…

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eBooks vs Printed Books – Which is better?

paperback book vs ebook

In the early 2000s, eBooks were seen as a major threat to traditional printed books. Many predicted that they would soon replace physical books altogether. However, recent trends have shown a decline in eBook sales, while printed book sales have been steadily increasing. In 2009, eBooks outsold printed books on Amazon and reached a peak…

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World’s Famous Libraries

These world-famous libraries are some of the most beautiful, unique and spectacular buildings in the world. From the old to the new, the busy to the simplistic, the grand to the quaint. There’s a library out there that is sure to intrigue every person’s mind. We’ve compiled a list of some of the worlds famous…

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