What is a proof?

A proof is a single copy of your book that we will create before we print the main run. It is a fantastic way to see how things will be reproduced when printing. It will give you an idea of margin spacing, crop area, colour reproduction and gives you one last chance to correct your files before printing the main run.

There are two types of proof that we can produce for you. One of them being a digital proof copy sent as a PDF and the other being a bound proof copy. Please note if you have a bound proof copy for a hardback proof, we may print and bind this as a paperback proof and provide a separate cover in order to get it to you quicker.

Your PDF proof copy is included in all orders and gives you a chance to see how your document will be printed. It is fine for checking margin, spacing and bleeds etc but it will not give you an accurate idea of how the colours will be reproduced for the cover and the text.

If colour reproduction is of concern, then it will be best to have a perfect bound proof copy. This is not to say that our printing methods are inaccurate, every job we print will be colour matched to the digital file and our printers are calibrated before every job.