Top 26 Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching, which means the panic of Christmas shopping will soon set in. But worry not, as massive book lovers, we have come up with a weird and wonderful gift list to help you out with those bibliophiles in your life. 

Floating Book Shelf

We love this optical illusion themed shelf. Made of books, for books – what could be better? It’s an awesome product and looks great on the wall. Find it on Not On The High Street for £20.


Doodle & Stitch Pillowcase and Duvet Cover

A clever idea for both kids and adults; draw and write whatever you fancy on your bed covers. Put it in the wash and voila you have a new and clean bed cover set. You can find this on The Present Finder for £39.99.


Book Rest Lamp

This cute little idea is just perfect for people who love a night time read. Not only is it a funkily shaped light, but it also works as a bookstand. You can find this at The Literary Gift Company for £42.


Book Lover Quote Posters

These posters are great for hanging up on the wall or placing on a desk for a bit of inspiration. Choose from many quotes, sizes and styles. Find these posters on Bookishly from £16.


Grammar Mug

This one is definitely for all the grammar-police out there. A typical gift, but one we are sure everyone will love. Practical yet humorous.  You can find many more grammar mugs on Etsy from £5.


Quotation Mark Bookends

The quotation mark bookends are great for giving your bookshelf a bit of character. Quote marks around books, what a brilliant idea. Find this at The Literary Gift Company for £58.


Plant Pot Bookends

We think these are amazing. Liven up your bookshelves with living plant bookends. So unique. Find these on Not On The High Street for £19.95.


Great Drinker Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are just great. Featuring a well-known literary figure; on one side a memorable quote about drinking and on the other side a portrait of the figures such as; Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde. Find these at The Literary Gift Company for £14.95.


Clothing & Fashion

Origami Book Earring

We absolutely adore these origami earrings made out of pages from books. They are so unique and beautiful. Etsy has many of them on their online store from boats (pictured below) to birds and flowers. Prices range from £5 to £20.


Literary Terms Cufflinks

These cufflinks are classic yet beautiful. Made with random pages from old dictionaries and available in bronze effect or silver plated. You can get these at The Literary Gift Company for £32.


Library Stamp T-shirt

We love this T-Shirt. For anyone who loves books or has a love for libraries, this has to be the best gift you could give them. Available in 4 sizes. Find these at The Literary Gift Company for £19.95.


Quotation Mark Earrings

These cute little quotation mark/speech mark earrings would be a great gift for someone who loves dainty book gifts. Comes in silver, rose gold, or gold. Find these exclusively at Book Lovers Gifts for £15.


Book Themed Tote Bags

Everyone needs a bag whether it’s for books or non-books! These Penguin Books themed tote bags are a perfect gift, that we’re sure bookies will love. Find these on Penguin for £14.95.


Book Scarf

Since the cold air has started to creep in, this is a perfect gift for someone who loves books and always feels the cold. Wrap up warm with pages from books like; Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, and Les Miserables. Find many more book scarfs on Etsy seller Storiarts from £37.80.


Book Umbrellas

We absolutely love these book-themed umbrellas from Penguin. Great for brightening up the grey and drizzly days. You can find more book-themed umbrellas on the Penguin site for £14.99.


Book Accessories

Finger Pointer Bookmark

Most bookmarks are wonderful things, but this one’s even better! Perfect for that someone that is always losing their place in a book. This simple idea keeps you on track. Find these for £5.75 on Not On The High Street.


Thumb Thing Page Holder

This clever little gadget is great for people who read a lot. There is nothing more annoying than trying to hold open the pages or getting thumb cramp. But with the Thumb Thing, it keeps the pages open for you to make reading a lot easier. Find these on The Gadget Flow for $4.99 (£3.80).


Book Light

Reading in the dark? Don’t want to distract others? Click this book light on, to illuminate your book. Find on The Literary Gift Company for £6.99.


Reading Rest

Perfect for when your hands are just a little too busy. Plastic so easy to wipe clean, if using in the kitchen, it also folds completely flat so easy to store away when not using. Find this on The Literary Gift Company for £19.99 with many colours to choose from.


The Random

100 Books Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

A great gift for someone who is looking to broaden their reading list. Featuring a range of fiction and non-fiction books, every time you read a book on the poster, you scratch off the panel to reveal a hidden image. Show everyone how well-read you are with this poster. Available on The Literary Gift Company for £12.99.


Book Lunch Box

A lunch box for those book lovers. Practical yet fun. Find a range of coloured book lunch boxes on The Literary Gift Company for £14.95.


Book Scented Candle

This one is for the people that secretly love to smell old books. Instead of sitting there with your nose in a book, you can now surround yourself with the smell with this old book scented candle from frostbeard for £14.21. If the smell of old books doesn’t do it for you, you can find loads more book-themed scented candle on their site.


Personal Library Kit

Always lending out books to people? Can never remember who’s got what? You need this Personal Library Kit. Equipped with a stamp pad, date stamp, pencil, pockets, and check out cards. Find this in Waterstones or on their website for £11.95.


Book Cover Match Boxes

This perfect little novelty gift is great. Maybe not one for the kids, but these matches are useful yet characteristic. There’s a large range of choice on book covers on Etsy from £2.39.


Hampers & Crates

These book themed hampers and crates from Bookishly are great for something a little more special. You can choose a theme so that they are perfect for the person who is receiving it. Hampers and crates include posters, treats (sweets & chocolates) and books. Find these on Bookishly for around £40.


Pocket Folio

We think this is such a clever idea for a gift; we’re pretty sure even the non-book lovers will love it. There are loads of pocket folio products out there from first aid kits (as below) to puncture kits for your bikes to a sewing kit. We think these are pretty awesome. You can find a range of pocket folios on The Literary Gift Company for £12.99.


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